Finding love again

I’ve ignored this space for ages simply because so much has been going on and I’ve been kept busy, but I’m back briefly because I want to pen something that most people are concerned about, but never really talk about it, and even if they do, they never really find the answer to it.

I had a conversation with a dear friend of mine who will be getting married in a matter of weeks, and she expressed that with her big day nearing, she was nervous and worried; it’ll be her second time walking down the aisle.

I’ll never know what or how she truly feels, because I have never been in her shoes.

However, I do know how a heartbreak feels… The pain… The agony… The sleepless nights… The mind going crazy with all kinds of thoughts…

But at some point, we do get out of it.

We force ourselves out, meet friends and people… We pick ourselves up (and the bits and pieces) and find new things to immerse ourselves in. We catch up with old friends and relatives we haven’t seen in a while, and life gets better. Given time, everything is a distant memory; it never ever leaves us, but it doesn’t hurt as much as it used to.

And then we meet someone, and we fall in love again. And we doubt it again once more because of our past.

It’s perfectly normal and it’s perfectly fine. Thoughts are something that we have some trouble controlling, but there is an outlet, which is to change our perspective of the situation.

Sure, a lot of things could go wrong, but think about what has gone right. You’ve finally found a love worth your time, worth your everything.

Some people never get married. Some people never find love. Some people are alone all their lives, rejected and dejected, living a life not knowing what it means to share it with a significant other.

In a world where so many things could have gone wrong, you’ve found love once more. By some mysterious force, by circumstances, you found your significant other.

After everything that has happened, you truly are blessed to have found the love of your life.

I don’t know if it makes sense, but G, I hope you get the gist of it. Cast your worries aside, and have faith that everything will turn out fine. ❤


It has been three months

So it has been slightly more than three months since my last update and that is because I WAS BUSY OKAY! OKAY?!

Well a lot has happened since my last update and in no order whatsoever, here we go:

1. Lost Weight – Like seriously lost a tonne of weight because I have been exercising diligently and watching what I eat. Not for vanity purposes (okay I may be lying a weeee bit), but because I WANNA CLIMB A MOUNTAIN and we all know that it’s impossible to climb any mountain when you’re fat and your fitness level is a big fat ZERO just like your fat round bottom. (___!__)

2. Became beautiful – Not I say one! My friends say one! hehehe…

3. Officially done with school! – Last year I wrote this entry about starting my final year of Uni after god knows how long. Last year, I never thought that I would see the end, but here it is; I can say that I am officially done with Uni and all the headache that comes with it! Now I have to wait for my results and hope that I pass so that I can graduate! Woohoo!

4. Survived a deadly snake attack – So while I was out for my hike at Bukit Timah today, I came across this huge King Cobra that was crossing one of the trails and making its way into some of the thick undergrowth of the dense rainforest. Of course I was fascinated (and majorly shocked) that I had, for the first time, seen this elusive creature in its natural habitat, so I stood back where I was standing, watching this beauty make its way home, merely 2 metres from me. King cobras are extremely shy creatures and chances are, you probably won’t encounter them in your lifetime; you would probably see a dozen pythons and tree snakes than a cobra of any kind (unless you like your nature walks like me, but even then, chances are pretty slim).

Anyways, the King cobra made its way home and nothing happened. I just thought it would be more dramatic to say that I survived a deadly snake attack. Well actually I did, come to think of it; had I gone down that trail just a few minutes earlier, I might have had a head on collision with the King and who knows what could have happened! Yikes!

So that’s pretty much it for now. I have some plans lined up for the next few months. We’ll see what happens.




This doesn’t really need a title.

Every time I feel down and out, the only person I would think of is my mother; she was once 29, and went through a lot more than I did and had bigger problems than me.

So what exactly is my excuse?

That gives me the mental strength to press on and do my best.

As I transition into adulthood, I’m learning a lot more about determination, courage and strength from my mother than anyone else. Who would have thought?

Washing Machine Woes…

So here we go again…

Two weeks ago, our washing machine of five years suddenly broke down (I had done my laundry just prior and it worked fine) and we had to find a replacement; off we went shopping for our new washing machine.

We found the perfect one at Courts, and placed an order; it was due to arrive in three working days, and meanwhile, we were all struggling to wash our clothes by hand at home using the old soak and rinse method.

The big day came and our new washing machine arrived, but much to our disappointment, it was too big for the washing machine platform.


The guys who delivered it to us said that we could find those little stands to hold it up, but even then, I wasn’t satisfied; it was way too big and took up too much space in the already tiny weeny laundry area in the kitchen. We couldn’t shift it elsewhere either because firstly, we had nowhere else to put it, and secondly, the laundry area was the only designated spot with the laundry fixtures (taps, drainage, etc), so we had no other choice.

We had to get it changed.

Luckily we didn’t get charged a lot for the replacement (a smaller version of the one we bought earlier), and today, it got delivered and installed, while the delivery guys took the big one away.

Obviously I was the first one to throw in my clothes; I was dying for the washing machine to arrive because I had accumulated a mountain of dirty clothes.

Everything went well, nothing seemed out of the ordinary.


Our tenant washed her clothes after me, and guess what?

The fucking washing machine started leaking. We couldnt identify where the leakage came from, so now, we have to arrange for the Courts handymen to come and have a look.

Will our washing machine woes ever end? Geeeez.



Yesterday I woke up to the news from my classmates (on our whatsapp chat) that our results for the second trimester exams had been released.

My stomach started churning at once because I was pretty sure I was gonna fail.

Long story cut short, I logged on to my student portal and found out that I actually passed both my exams and secured the much needed 20 credit points for both modules that I took last sem. I was even more surprised that I actually did better for this sem than the previous (albeit, marginally); anyone who asked me how my second sem was would have known how much I dreaded the coursework because of its high demands imposed by the respective course professors/lecturers.

As for the exams, considering I only properly studied the night before the exams were due, it’s not too shabby an attempt me thinks. Heh.

That said, I can’t afford to keep up such a happy-go-lucky attitude anymore because it’s the last trimester, and I NEED to make sure that I pass this sem’s modules as well in order to graduate. Good luck to me!


Ugh.. another new week!

Well of course, there comes the most dreaded Monday, and like everyone else, I hate it too because it just means time waits for no one; a reminder that I need to start revising my school work and prepare for my assignments.

My Monday was nothing out of the ordinary, but I did go to class dutifully even though the current module is a little dry and puts me to sleep the moment I step into class.

That aside, I did have a good weekend though; more specifically, Saturday was a good day, and pretty much sums up how I would like each one of my Saturdays to be.

For a start, I met these beautiful ladies for lunch:

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Diana, Jolene and of course, me & my inability to pose decently for pictures.

How we became friends still remains a mystery because they were the class divas, while I was the quiet, aloof one who tried to avoid all human contact.

But we did become friends, and ‘we’ are only three of the big group of nut jobs that have all become busy with their lives. We do keep in touch with each other now and then through messages and all that, but it is these two divas that I am constantly in touch with. We go for months without talking to each other, and it has actually been almost three years since our last meet up session, and yet, when we met last Saturday, it was as if not a day had passed since our last meeting. We talked and filled in on each other as though we had just seen each other a few days earlier.

And also, we were unintentionally colour-coordinated; we turned up in black and white attires (I was wearing black berms), and I kid you not when I say that we didn’t plan it out. It was pure coincidence, and perhaps, a good indication that after all these years, we’re on the same frequency.

Okay I think too much. I enjoyed every second with the divas, and I only wish that we get to meet soon for more bitching.

Sunday was spent mostly at home, but even though I was tired and sleepy (from a late night out on Saturday), I decided to head to Bukit Timah Hill to do my usual trekking routine. I was tired throughout, but since I was unable to sleep properly, I felt that if I tired out myself even more, I would probably sleep better at night.

And that’s what happened. I had the best sleep in ages, and woke up feeling refreshed.

Anyways, I am done ranting.