Hello again, Uni.

So today I registered for my degree programme aka final year of uni. I don’t know how to accurately describe it, but basically, when I wanted to enrol into this programme, I didn’t have the right qualifications, so I had two options:

  1. Do a bridging programme – undertake a few courses that would enable me to enter the programme
  2. Complete a diploma with the institution offering the degree, which would also, enable me to enter the programme, albeit a longer route

I opted for the latter. It would be my third diploma qualification, but I thought, heck, why not? After all, I didn’t have the basic foundation that I needed, so I felt that it was the right thing to do; to fix my foundation (my previous diplomas were in mass communications) and be fully prepared for my degree.

Everything went alright except when last year, because of work commitments, I was not able to cope with one of the modules, and had to drop out of that particular course, and wait AN ENTIRE FUCKING YEAR to re-module. Goodness gracious.

So earlier this year I re-enrolled once more to complete the outstanding module, and passed. Finally, I was eligible to enter the degree programme.

Today was the enrolment, and everything went alright. I didn’t even know what to feel, but it was all very familiar because this isn’t the first time I have enrolled for a degree.

Four years ago, I made a hasty decision to enrol into a business degree programme at a different institute, and was very excited to be doing this degree, because I felt like everything was going according to plan; I had a job, I had an exciting life, and now, I was enrolling into a prestigious degree programme which I had no idea what it was about.

Two weeks into my course, I immediately knew that I had made the wrong decision. The university was basically just killing us and the institute that paired up with the university to offer the course was just trying to make money off its students with no regard for the well-being and welfare of its students. Three modules were squeezed into a hectic three months, we had several projects and assignments to work on, and all the assignments’ deadlines fell around the same time. Sounds like a typical university student’s life except that it wasn’t; we were all working adults with full-time jobs juggling part-time studies which didn’t at all feel like part-time studies because of the demanding coursework.

So I quit.

Quitting was the easiest. It was the explaining that was the hardest.

What was I going to tell everyone? I had already told the entire universe that I was enrolling in a degree programme and was going to be a uni graduate in a year and half’s time. I had taken a picture of my offer letter and posted it on facebook, and friends and acquaintances had congratulated me, and basically everyone knew that I was pursuing part-time studies.

It was embarrassing when I had to do the explaining, needless to say.

But I learnt a life lesson, which was to always, ALWAYS, stay humble. It is easy to get carried away in this digital age where everyone is bragging about the smallest of things (oh look I just grew a strand of hair on my mole and had it dyed green!), and we feel the urge to jump in and brag our own mini successes (oh look, I went to the shop and it started raining and now my expensive havaianas are muddied – the point of the picture you posted on facebook is to highlight the fact that your havaianas are expensive and to show everyone that you own that coveted pair that no one else has), but also know that things can go terribly wrong.

And people being people, will be there to laugh at you and boo at you, and talk shit about you. They won’t even feel a tinge of remorse as they tell their friends what a loser and show-off you are, and that’s just the way the world works.

Of course, some people put on a pretty good show, and manage to hide all the bad things that are happening or could be happening. On social media, everything is just a show.

The point is, I learnt my lesson. Once was enough, and even after all the explanations, some people just didn’t buy it; they felt that I deserved such a predicament for being a show-off.

Well I admit. I was being a show-off when I posted that picture of my offer letter from the uni. I was naive, and I was doing what everyone else was doing, and when it didn’t go according to plan, I paid the price when people talked shit behind my back. I felt bitter, but I knew what I did wrong.

I should have just shut the fuck up.

The truth is, anyone these days can go to uni. Anyone can go on a holiday. Anyone can get married and anyone can buy a house and start a family.

Anyone can do anything.

But anything can go wrong, and that’s the point we are missing.

Relationships have soured the second a lovey dovey pic was posted online, and families sometimes live in disagreement with each other no matter how happy a family picture looks.

We do of course, sometimes share things online as a genuine way of reaching out to people electronically that something is going on (I’ve just bought my first home!) and there will be people who will be genuinely happy for you, like your friends and family. But there will also be people by the side waiting for your downfall.

And that is why I urge you to be humble. If you have a good message, gather your close ones (or just create a whatsapp group) to break the good news, rather than telling the whole world about it.

After all, life is all about who is there for you, and who matters. And it never hurts to be a bit humble.

This time round, I never posted anything on my social media about my re-enrolment into uni. I didn’t even leave a slightest hint that I was going to be doing a degree once more. Instead, I chose to reflect on it, here on the blog, and of course, a few close friends and my family know that I am going back to school to pursue an undergraduate degree.

For now, I only hope that everything goes well.


Yours truly,



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