Ugh.. another new week!

Well of course, there comes the most dreaded Monday, and like everyone else, I hate it too because it just means time waits for no one; a reminder that I need to start revising my school work and prepare for my assignments.

My Monday was nothing out of the ordinary, but I did go to class dutifully even though the current module is a little dry and puts me to sleep the moment I step into class.

That aside, I did have a good weekend though; more specifically, Saturday was a good day, and pretty much sums up how I would like each one of my Saturdays to be.

For a start, I met these beautiful ladies for lunch:

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Diana, Jolene and of course, me & my inability to pose decently for pictures.

How we became friends still remains a mystery because they were the class divas, while I was the quiet, aloof one who tried to avoid all human contact.

But we did become friends, and ‘we’ are only three of the big group of nut jobs that have all become busy with their lives. We do keep in touch with each other now and then through messages and all that, but it is these two divas that I am constantly in touch with. We go for months without talking to each other, and it has actually been almost three years since our last meet up session, and yet, when we met last Saturday, it was as if not a day had passed since our last meeting. We talked and filled in on each other as though we had just seen each other a few days earlier.

And also, we were unintentionally colour-coordinated; we turned up in black and white attires (I was wearing black berms), and I kid you not when I say that we didn’t plan it out. It was pure coincidence, and perhaps, a good indication that after all these years, we’re on the same frequency.

Okay I think too much. I enjoyed every second with the divas, and I only wish that we get to meet soon for more bitching.

Sunday was spent mostly at home, but even though I was tired and sleepy (from a late night out on Saturday), I decided to head to Bukit Timah Hill to do my usual trekking routine. I was tired throughout, but since I was unable to sleep properly, I felt that if I tired out myself even more, I would probably sleep better at night.

And that’s what happened. I had the best sleep in ages, and woke up feeling refreshed.

Anyways, I am done ranting.



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