Yesterday I woke up to the news from my classmates (on our whatsapp chat) that our results for the second trimester exams had been released.

My stomach started churning at once because I was pretty sure I was gonna fail.

Long story cut short, I logged on to my student portal and found out that I actually passed both my exams and secured the much needed 20 credit points for both modules that I took last sem. I was even more surprised that I actually did better for this sem than the previous (albeit, marginally); anyone who asked me how my second sem was would have known how much I dreaded the coursework because of its high demands imposed by the respective course professors/lecturers.

As for the exams, considering I only properly studied the night before the exams were due, it’s not too shabby an attempt me thinks. Heh.

That said, I can’t afford to keep up such a happy-go-lucky attitude anymore because it’s the last trimester, and I NEED to make sure that I pass this sem’s modules as well in order to graduate. Good luck to me!



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