It has been three months

So it has been slightly more than three months since my last update and that is because I WAS BUSY OKAY! OKAY?!

Well a lot has happened since my last update and in no order whatsoever, here we go:

1. Lost Weight – Like seriously lost a tonne of weight because I have been exercising diligently and watching what I eat. Not for vanity purposes (okay I may be lying a weeee bit), but because I WANNA CLIMB A MOUNTAIN and we all know that it’s impossible to climb any mountain when you’re fat and your fitness level is a big fat ZERO just like your fat round bottom. (___!__)

2. Became beautiful – Not I say one! My friends say one! hehehe…

3. Officially done with school! – Last year I wrote this entry about starting my final year of Uni after god knows how long. Last year, I never thought that I would see the end, but here it is; I can say that I am officially done with Uni and all the headache that comes with it! Now I have to wait for my results and hope that I pass so that I can graduate! Woohoo!

4. Survived a deadly snake attack – So while I was out for my hike at Bukit Timah today, I came across this huge King Cobra that was crossing one of the trails and making its way into some of the thick undergrowth of the dense rainforest. Of course I was fascinated (and majorly shocked) that I had, for the first time, seen this elusive creature in its natural habitat, so I stood back where I was standing, watching this beauty make its way home, merely 2 metres from me. King cobras are extremely shy creatures and chances are, you probably won’t encounter them in your lifetime; you would probably see a dozen pythons and tree snakes than a cobra of any kind (unless you like your nature walks like me, but even then, chances are pretty slim).

Anyways, the King cobra made its way home and nothing happened. I just thought it would be more dramatic to say that I survived a deadly snake attack. Well actually I did, come to think of it; had I gone down that trail just a few minutes earlier, I might have had a head on collision with the King and who knows what could have happened! Yikes!

So that’s pretty much it for now. I have some plans lined up for the next few months. We’ll see what happens.





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